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The Gig Economy: How it’s Helping to Pave New Paths for Women in the Workforce

With the pandemic slowly disappearing in the rear view mirror in the United States, companies are starting to re-evaluate how they do their business and what they will require of their employees. One of the biggest takeaways of COVID-19 has been the importance of flexibility in the workplace. Arguably, no other demographic has realized the importance of a flexible work schedule than women. In fact in a recent study by Hyper Wallet, 2,000 women were surveyed. Nearly 96% responded saying that flexibility was their biggest motivation for finding work in the gig economy. The study also found that there are three prominent fields women seem to work in within the gig economy: Professional freelance, direct selling, and service platforms.  

Work in the contingent space has also opened up fields generally dominated by men to women. For instance, women are a more prominent stakeholder in what is now the modern-day taxi industry: ridesharing. They also seem to be incrementally becoming a larger part of the computer programming (Upwork, Fiverr) and the direct-sell to consumer industry (Etsy).  

, The Gig Economy: How it’s Helping to Pave New Paths for Women in the Workforce


The Challenges 

Some obstacles remain for women wanting to enter the gig economy. For instance, not all contract jobs offer the protection or benefits of a full-time position. AB5 in California can also make it difficult to classify some jobs for tax purposes. However, companies that utilize Employer of Record services can ease these concerns as they can help provide some protection and robust healthcare benefits to individuals who otherwise may not get it as independent workers.  




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