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TargetCW is committed to the principle of equal access for customers, clients, candidates, and workers with disabilities in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). If you are having difficulty navigating our websites or utilizing any of our online services, we have agents available to assist you 24 hours per day Monday through Saturday at the following toll-free phone number: 888-388-8873. You can also email info@targetcw.com.

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Katelyn is always available to help and very friendly. She made my onboarding seamless and easy. Thank you for all your help!

Sabarish - Services


I have really enjoyed the onboarding process with you. I've been payrolled through a handful of different companies and you are by far THE BEST!! I appreciate everything you have done to help and that you go the extra mile.

RJ - Biotech/Pharma


She is always there to assist with any questions I have for TargetCW and various employment scenarios. Very prompt and accurate in her responses. Her account management process is seamless.

Noel - Finance/Insurance


Excellent response time and provided clear additional documents to make this process smoother.

Toni - Other


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About: Katelyn B.

Katelyn is always very responsive, patient, and very knowledgeable on questions I have during the onboarding process. She even reached out initially via phone, and that goes quite far in creating a very personable and easy onboarding experience. I previously worked in HR (recruitment) and have peers in that field for different industries, Katelyn is definitely one of the best! Thank you again!

About: Sana M.

She's always so very responsive. I feel confident in always being able to receive a quick, very detailed reply. For this I appreciate you!!

Camille, Engineering/Manufacturing
About: Katelyn B.

Provided Great service!!! She was fast and efficient resolved all of my issues!

Rayan, Other
About: Kimi R.

Kimi did a great job resolving an issue with my access to features on WebCenter. She always does an awesome job of supporting us.

Maia, Other
About: Kimi R.

Answered my query promptly and politely, directed me on how to find the resource I was looking for. Very painless experience.

Tyler, Gaming/Media
About: Katelyn B.

She is always so nice and helpful...and works to explain things in simple, easy to understand terms

Susan, Services
About: Sana M.

Great on communication and providing assistance.

Memory, eCommerce/B2B
About: Kimberly K.

In a world where good support is oftentimes hard to come by (at least, in the work that I do), it's really nice to have people who are incredibly responsive (lightning fast response) and super helpful that don't make you feel stupid for asking a question. Thanks to this TargetCW person for all of your help and processing things so quickly!

Gezche, Services
About: Priscilla K.

Priscilla has been very helpful, courteous and patient, in dealing with my employment process. The majority of my references were from Cape Town, South Africa. Sourcing the relevant information among others, caused delays to the process. Priscilla effectively and very professionally advised me accordingly. She really sets the bar high in terms of rendering "Excellent Customer Service". Her regular updates and feedback was and is sincerely much appreciated.

Kevin, Services
About: Kimi R.

Kimi is so positive, helpful, timely, and warm. She is approachable when I had questions, and very quick to respond with information. I appreciate her kindness and approachability. Thank you to Kimi!

Lauren, Other
About: Amanda N.

Amanda made sure my on boarding process was smooth and easy and checked in with me during milestones (first day, first payday) just to be sure I was in a good spot.

Ashley, Other
About: Katelyn B.

Katelyn responded to my request very quickly even during off hours. She provided a solution that resolved my issue. Much appreciated.

Deborah, Biotech/Pharma
About: Tamara G.

Tamara provided detailed information about my queries and was extremely pleasant during our old-fashioned conversation.

Chereeze, Other
About: Sana M.

Thank you so much for everything. You made being a "Contract" employee so easy. You were always on top of everything, and anytime I had a question you always had the answer, and you were quick in responding. Again THANK YOU!!!!

Layne, Engineering/Manufacturing
About: Annelise O.

I cannot praise Annelise enough for her outstanding service and support with any requests or questions I’ve had from day one of my employment. Annelise is the ultimate professional, kindhearted and always willing to help with any issues or questions in a very timely manner and always goes out of her way to get things done for me. I couldn’t have asked for a better Account Manager to support me and TargetCW is truly lucky to have an employee like Annelise Owens.

Gail, Finance/Insurance
About: Danielle Y.

Consistent well written responses that were clear and concise, as well as a little bit of humor and friendliness. Genuine 10/10 support Genuine 10/10 emoji user

Grayson, Gaming/Media
About: Annie S.

She answered all of my questions with great detail and in such a timely manner. She’s very sweet and was a pleasure to work with!

Adam, Biotech/Pharma
About: Katelyn B.

Katelyn is always prompt when responding to emails and provides such a great level of service and enthusiasm.

Michelline, Biotech/Pharma
About: Annelise O.

She is always helpful, pleasant, and patient when I have a question. On top of it, she is always available and quick to reply. I don't know how she does it!

Anna, Finance/Insurance
About: Katelyn B.

She is very kind and patient

Susan, Services
About: Katelyn B.

She helped make the transition so easy. She was very easy to work with and very helpful

Debra, Services
About: Kimi R.

Timely response and amazing communication!

Duc, Gaming/Media
About: Jasmine M.

Always fast to respond which is much appreciated

Frank, Medical Device
About: Carrie B.

She submitted my timesheet for me when it got stuck on my end. Thank you!

Corie, Medical Device
About: Sana M.

Prompt and professional

Ricardo, Engineering/Manufacturing
About: Bonny L.

Bonny is my go to person with questions and she immediately responds. I appreciate having her support.

Rihanna, Biotech/Pharma
About: Katelyn B.

Love that you support pet adoption!

About: Jasmine D.

Jasmine was prompt about letting me know my document made it to the proper place. Her e-mail was nice and to the point!

Denise, Biotech/Pharma
About: Katelyn B.

She sent me a very helpful guide on how to use TCW WebCenter. The guide was very helpful and it explained the process in a very simplified manner. Throughout her email, she was not only trying to help me use the website, but she was also interested in how my first week at work went, which shows how kind she is!

Peter, Biotech/Pharma
About: Kimi R.

Kimi is prompt and very thorough in information asked of her. Thank you so much Kimi.

Darrel, Other

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