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Hannah made the process of changing direct deposit accounts quick and painless. thank you!!!!!! along with Awesome customer service. I really appreciate it:)



Kara has been great and responsive with me as we work through this new process. I have enjoyed the experience using the Staffing Nation portal. Great job Kara! Great customer experience so the way through the process with Kara’s support.



Rosa is always the best at responding quickly and with the right information. I love working with her and she is also very very nice and professional. Please give her all the praise in the world!

Alana - eCommerce/B2B


Taryn and Lorraine has been amazing both with helping me with issues I was having with paperwork as well as being considerate of Family issues that resulted in me not being able to join the team as quick as I would’ve wanted.



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About: Cari M.

She is punctual, answers all of my questions, and any concern that arises she resolves in a timely manner. She is professional and polite at all times. Interacting with her is always a pleasure. :)

Ryan, Software/IT
About: Jenna M.

She's always really quick to answer.

Gizem, eCommerce/B2B
About: Maddie I.

Eager to help and very polite

Robert, Services
About: Rosa M.

She’s a very nice and professional person. She drives me through all my process and responds to all my questions immediately. Thanks, Rosa!

Jose, Services
About: Selenne B.

Fast response and courteous.

Charles, Services
About: Cari M.

Responded quickly with helpful information that was easy to understand.

Tara, Engineering/Manufacturing
About: Carla T.

Carla is truly a rockstar and my personal hero!

Dickson, Software/IT
About: Carla T.

Assisted in directing how to keep track of my hours worked.

Matthew, Software/IT
About: Jasmine M.

Information discussed was sent promptly.

Donna, Finance/Insurance
About: Samantha S.

Keeps me updated if anything is going on with my on boarding process

Whitney, Services
About: Katelyn B.

She went above and beyond expectation...I don't see much customer service anywhere today...actually I was taken back by her willingness to help.

Steven, Services
About: Robert C.

Onboarding is perfect

Jenkins, Finance/Insurance
About: Carrie B.

Stellar response time and resolution to my inquiry!

Andrew, Gaming/Media
About: Jasmine M.

Always responds timely and is very attentive and professional. Thank you for all your help Jasmine!

Andrew, Finance/Insurance
About: Kimi R.

She was prompt in her email response and it was very thorough!! This is my first interaction with her but I am sure she is like this with everyone she comes across!

Terrence, Other
About: Rosa M.

She responded in a timely fashion and had a solution to my issue immediately. I appreciate her time and efforts to help me today.

Kevin, eCommerce/B2B
About: Allie H.

A prompt and successful rectification to a miscalculation of my pay and adjusted for my backpay. Thank you Allie.

Richard, Services
About: Mikayla B.

Outstanding customer service.

Jesus, Other
About: Rosa M.

Rosa has the best timely turnaround whenever I email her. Thanks Rosa

Natasha, eCommerce/B2B
About: Allie H.

Allie was super fast with responding to all the information that I needed which made the whole process super easy and friendly to use

Mohamed, Services
About: Allie H.

Swift, detailed information on the process of engagement.

James, Services
About: Angelina M.

Knowledgable, friendly and superfast.

Maria, Services
About: Ruben G.

He is always prompt to reply to my emails and has always been extremely friendly and pleasant to work with.

About: Erika B.

Made my onboarding process a piece of cake.

Steve, Services
About: Katherine Pellissier

Great demeanor and always helpful despite me forgetting to submit my timecards!

Hillary, Contractor, Services
About: Isaac R., and Selenne B.

I on-boarded on this morning with assistance from Isaac Rodriguez, but the direct deposit information I had supplied could not be verified. Isaac and Selenne had it all fixed same day. Thanks to both of them!

DAVID, eCommerce/B2B
About: Bianka S.

She is consistently quick, helpful, and friendly in all of her interactions. We love her!

About: Thu Vuong

She's so helpful.

Everardo, Lead mechanics, Services
About: Jessica Bash

I've worked with TargetCW before and had wonderful service. The second time around is no different. Jessica and Carolina are both driven by the goal of providing the best customer experience. They are courteous, patient, responsive and detailed in their information. I've only been working with them for a short time but it's been a pleasure and I'm excited for the relationship to grow between TCW and my company!

Nathalie, People Operations Manager, Biotech/Pharma
About: Katelyn Bochner

On point with all the stuff that's needed.

Richard, Mechanic 1, Services

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