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Hannah made the process of changing direct deposit accounts quick and painless. thank you!!!!!! along with Awesome customer service. I really appreciate it:)



Kara has been great and responsive with me as we work through this new process. I have enjoyed the experience using the Staffing Nation portal. Great job Kara! Great customer experience so the way through the process with Kara’s support.



Rosa is always the best at responding quickly and with the right information. I love working with her and she is also very very nice and professional. Please give her all the praise in the world!

Alana - eCommerce/B2B


Taryn and Lorraine has been amazing both with helping me with issues I was having with paperwork as well as being considerate of Family issues that resulted in me not being able to join the team as quick as I would’ve wanted.



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About: Melissa B.

I appreciate her clear and efficient communication style. I am never left out of the loop concerning important matters. She is professional and kind when communicating with me.

Kelly, Finance/Insurance
About: Lindsay N.

Perfect fit for the job! Wonderful personality. Very informative. Easily impressed this old technical nerd! Wonderful employee that should be well taken care of!

Douglas, Hardware
About: Isaac R.

He's always quick to respond and very helpful. Isaac never ceases to amaze me and I enjoy working with him!

Heather, Services
About: Megan R.

great email that explained process AND let me know what to do if I had any questions

Rosemary, Finance/Insurance
About: Danielle Y.

She was awesome. Her response was quick and she seemed very nice and thorough.

Yvonne, Services
About: Lauren L.

In regards to providing onboarding information, with detailed explanation, and timely follow up, this has been the smoothest onboarding process I’ve ever experienced (at the age of 41).

Brandie, Services
About: Taryn S.

Taryn exudes professionalism and a great, positive attitude through emails. Thank you!

Danika, Software/IT
About: Aimee A.

I needed help changing benefits because of a life event. Aimee helped me get the right documents and followed up to be sure I was on time. Thanks!

Clayton, Software/IT
About: Alex R.

He immediately (!!)got back to my bank question e-mail and sent me in the right direction.

Loralee, Gaming/Media
About: Loni B.

She has been very responsive to my issue and handled it very quickly and efficiently. She answered my questions thoroughly.

Gregory, Legal
About: Annelise O.

I needed to modify my withholding and she took care of everything for me.

JAMES, Finance/Insurance
About: Danielle Y.

The instructions were very clear and easy to follow!

Mary, Services
About: Angelina M.

Introduced herself as our new contact! Thanks!

John, Software/IT
About: Kimi R.

She contacted me quickly, and her instructions were clear and easy to follow.

Lisa, Other
About: Rosa M.

Amazingly fast responses with the precise information needed. Much appreciate her help.

Truong, Services
About: Kimi R.

She always answered my questions in a quick response.very helpful..and a great personality.. loved her

JANINE, Engineering/Manufacturing
About: Rosa M.

She is extremely nice and helpful - I had so many questions and she answered all of them! Loved working with her.

Minkyung, Services
About: Maria A.

Maria provided me with a quick response to my time card question.

Toby, eCommerce/B2B
About: Katherine P.

Katherine is always prompt and efficient whenever I contact her. She has the answers and I know I will have my issues fixed after she gets hold of it.

Gisela, Software/IT
About: Jasmine M.

Always so professional, clear and responsive! Truly excellent communication skills.

Kimberly, Services
About: Cari M.

She responds immediately to my requests and is great to work with.

Gary, Engineering/Manufacturing
About: Priscilla K.

Prompt in her responses, always polite, willing to help with odd payment cadences.

Alex, Gaming/Media
About: Kristin B.

She is always on top of things and answers any of my questions!

Ed, Software/IT
About: Rosa M.

For the 1 year (3 engagements) for which I have been employed by Target CW, I have been impressed by Rosa Motola's consistent, timely responses to my employment questions regarding expenses, time cards, and other matters. She is a person I (can) count on.

Carla, Services
About: Jasmine M.

Always so helpful and responses are sent in record time!

Kim, Services
About: Angelina M.

Always, prompt and complete in her responses. Refreshingly great customer service!

Teresa, Medical Device
About: Katelyn B.

Walked me through the process and held my hand as I learned the ropes.

Will, Engineering/Manufacturing
About: Priscilla K.


Priscilla, Other
About: Sarah O.

She was patient, kind, professional, and complimentary of my skillset

Sarah, Other
About: Rosa M.

Rosa sets the bar for my role in HR experience!

Mark, Services

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