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TargetCW is committed to the principle of equal access for customers, clients, candidates, and workers with disabilities in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). If you are having difficulty navigating our websites or utilizing any of our online services, we have agents available to assist you 24 hours per day Monday through Saturday at the following toll-free phone number: 888-388-8873. You can also email


Established in 2009, TargetCW has been voted “Best Place to Work in San Diego” for 6 years running.  TargetCW’s culture has played a big role in the success of our company. Offering company retreats, pool parties, happy hours and ping pong, our goal has always been to maintain a small company atmosphere even as we grow and expand. If you visit our corporate headquarters you will see smiles, hear laughs, and watch four-legged friends run around. It is clear that we sincerely care about the happiness of our employees and clients before everything else.

TargetCW is a strength-based organization, investing significant time and money building a team of highly trained and happy employees. Our low turnover rate of less than 5% means we can invest in building and training our workforce instead of replacing them. This strategy has resulted in 40% annual growth and client retention of over 97%. Our track record says it all.

Constant Alignment

On the same page

It's all about synergy. We are constantly open to adjusting strategies for greater benefits of our employees and clients alike. No matter how unique your program, we strive to be aligned with your vision and goals.

Memorable Service

Our priority is You

In our speech, our software, and in the way we interact with every employee or client, we want to leave a positive and lasting imprint. Quick and insightful customer service is core to our success and your happiness.

Beautiful Design


We know there's always more than meets the eye. We painstakingly craft and analyze our path, people, and processes so that your experience, as well as every interaction you have with us, is a beautiful one.

Meet our Leadership Team

Samer Khouli

Samer Khouli - President and CEO

( Ideation, Communication, WOO, Positivity, & Activator - Gallup Certified Strengths Coach )

Before the internet was commonplace, Samer started his business career selling snacks he bought from Price Club to his friends in high school. He then had a small business selling POGS and putting on POG tournaments. For Samer, there is no limit to the amount of knowledge one can achieve and the variety of experiences one can try. When he became frustrated with workers compensation, he went out and got his insurance brokers license, so he could speak directly with carriers, MGA’s, claims reps, etc. With a passion for innovation, desire for efficiency and with over 20 years of experience in HR, staffing and technology, Samer has built TargetCW into a state-of-the-art home for the biggest contingent workforce geeks. He loves leadership and wants TargetCW to be an example for other companies in terms of ethics, passion for the task, and love for the people.

Quote"The best is yet to come."

Fun FactHe was president of the chess club in high school... don't be jealous.

Erica Ostberg

Erica Ostberg - Chief Compliance Officer & General Counsel

( Achiever, Analytical, Focus, Competition, Relator )

Erica joined TargetCW in 2019 as our CCO & General Counsel. Navigating legal and compliance for a company that has over 10,000 contingent workers all over the globe is no easy task. Luckily she brings with her a wealth of knowledge in areas of civil litigation, insurance law, and construction defect litigation. She then transitioned into the field of workers’ compensation, where she worked her way up to the role of office managing partner at a large statewide workers’ compensation defense firm. She has the ability to mesh her legal knowledge, practical litigation experience, and understanding of compliance regulations in a strategic manner to best serve the needs of our clients.

Quote“To give real service, you must add something that cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.” Douglas Adams

Fun FactI have not eaten red meat since I was probably ten. It’s not for activist or health reasons...just purely find the texture gross!

Robyn Ise

Robyn Ise - Chief Technology Officer & Chief Information Security Officer

( Futuristic, Positivity, Strategic, Achiever, Input )

Robyn joined TargetCW in 2017 as our CTO & CISCO. She has the amazing ability to navigate the most complex technology issue from a technical to a macro perspective while communicating and leading with clarity, vision and remembering the humanity and joy in people. Security, perfection, teamwork, and excellence are all uncompromising in her philosophy and vision. Her broad base of experience from Fortune 100 corporations to small startups gives TargetCW its edge to mobilize while being a strong, compliant, effective technology-driven organization.
Robyn is also a proud wife and mother and enjoys hanging at the beach when she's not at work.

Quote“Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible." - Dalai Lama

Fun FactAlthough she pretends she is not a nerd, Robyn secretly loves checking out the latest tech gadgets, discussing her favorite Star Trek and Star Wars characters, and the beauty of the Fibonacci sequence. (Nerd alert!)

Ryan Anning

Ryan Anning - Chief Financial Officer

( Achiever, Discipline, Focus, Learner, & Relator )

For a lot of “normal” people, balancing a personal checkbook can be a real struggle. Most would find it incomprehensible to manage a business’ budget, revenue, risk, planning, etc., let alone paychecks for tens of thousands of global workers annually. It takes a special breed to manage corporate financials, which is why TargetCW’s CFO is so stinkin' awesome. With decades of experience yet the youthfulness of a 20-year old, Ryan developed and streamlined our finance and accounting department’s best practices. Ryan competently oversees the finances, accounting, risk and future financial needs of the organization. He provides the team with the data, analytics, and insights to help all the leaders do their jobs effectively and profitably, but always remembering the mission of our organization.

Quote“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to work hard.” John F. Kennedy

Fun FactRyan’s guilty pleasure is collecting Christmas decorations. His goal is to out decorate Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation. No, but really.

Andy Waggoner

Andy Waggoner - VP of Infrastructure and Facilities

( Restorative, Individualization, Developer, Learner, & Analytical )

Originally from Nampa, Idaho and loving his hay day of being a tennis pro, Andy found his transition to San Diego a bit eye-opening. He spent much of his college years learning about crazy California culture and building a strong work ethic while working toward his degree in Organizational Leadership. Fast forward 15 years and you couldn’t tell he was anything but an expert California native, that loves to create places and programs to help people succeed and be effective. Andy is responsible for designing and creating an operable space for our employees to conduct and flourish in business and meeting our business goal. Everything from designing and installing workspaces to managing the expansion of a growing business, Andy is at the helm of TargetCW’s long-term infrastructure plan. Andy has an awesome, fashion-forward wife, a bunch of great kids, a lot of dogs, 2 guinea pigs and loves to spend time old and new friends alike.

Quote“Never before in history has innovation offered promise of so much to so many in so short a time." - Bill Gates

Fun FactAndy has 5 kids and never, ever, turns down a good burger.

Rachel Altman

Rachel Altman - Director of People Happiness

( Ideation, Maximizer, WOO, Positivity, & Strategic - Gallup Certified Strengths Coach )

Rachel began her career with TargetCW on the Human Resources team before stepping into a role as a senior recruiter. Since those early days of TargetCW, our current genetic make-up has been hand-crafted at her desk. An amazing amount of trust and reliability falls on her shoulders as she hires the best of the best and speaks to candidates about the wonderful people, culture, and mission of TargetCW. Her knowledge of industries includes: BioTech, pharmaceuticals, financial services, mortgage, defense and IT which has undoubtedly proven beneficial for TargetCW. Her experience in HR and Staffing is pivotal to her role as Director of People Happiness as she continues to define, refine, and manage our culture. All those accolades aside, Rachel is a genuine, transparent, and mission-driven leader who is also a wonderful mom and wife who can make anyone laugh.

Quote"Don't find fault. Find remedy. Anyone can complain." - Henry Ford

Fun FactRachel wants to write a female version of Lord of the Flies. She tells short stories long and long stories longer. She has an irrational fear of sharks, slipping through pool drains, and is horrible at quoting movies.


Cooper - Director of Snacks n' Wiggles

( Positivity, Context, WOO, Harmony, & Belief )

Cooper joined the TargetCW team in October 2016 during a visit to some of our Texas clients. We adopted her at 8 weeks old! She is filling the paws of Charlie who faithfully served TargetCW since day one. Cooper loves everyone but plays hard-to-get on occasion. If she sees a closed door, it must be opened (we actually had to change some of our door knobs) because a meeting without Cooper just isn’t a meeting. You’ll find signs of Cooper's love and everyone’s love of Cooper all across the organization - you see this across much of the marketing and even notice a pup's touch in our employee benefits.

Quote"Ain't no business like show business." - The Fresh Prince

Fun FactCooper considers herself a down to earth “southern bell” from Paris, Texas.

Giving Back - TargetCW

Giving Back

Making a difference is at the heart of what we do at TargetCW. With that being said, each year we pledge to donate a large portion of our profits every quarter to various non-profit organizations such as American Red Cross, San Diego Rescue Mission, CURE, Eastern Pacific Hawksbill Initiative, Children of the Nations, Project Safe House, and many more. Also, TargetCW always encourages our workers to make charitable donations and we support their efforts by matching contributions to all certified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. Together, we can make a difference!

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