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1099 Check and Management

Managing and assuming the liability for 1099 "independent contractor" classification is something most companies face throughout their operations. Mis-classification per IRS guidelines is a high risk for companies to assume and often times costly. Qualifying candidates requires valuable time and risk assumption that many companies do not have the staff or expertise for evaluating. If audited, companies may find themselves paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in back State and Federal Unemployment Insurance, employer FICA, and interest/penalties on all back-paid wages to non-compliant 1099s.

Our 1099 Check and Management service evaluates the IRS and Social Security Administration's 20 factors that are used in court to determine workers status. We review not only the worker, but also the specific project and relationship between worker and business. By using our service, clients reduce their exposure to costly mis-classification and eliminate the headache of 1099 evaluations. Our thorough and objective process takes the 1099 negotiating element out of the qualification process and provides a single on-line source for the processing and ongoing management of your 1099s. In addition, our service includes re-evaluation at various times.

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