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US Payrolling

TargetCW provides nationwide payrolling (employer of record) services to companies who have workforce needs ranging from just a handful of workers to a few hundred workers. As the employer of record, TargetCW manages and holds the liability for your contingent workforce including workers compensation, unemployment claims, insurance coverage, benefits, online time-keeping, all tax withholdings and reporting—all with world-class customer service!

Working together, we will customize a process that integrates with your current workforce solution or combine best practices from our more than 15 years of HR expertise. We can create a simple and unique solution to save you time, money, and mitigate risk. All workers payrolled through TargetCW are eligible for a robust suite of benefits including: health, dental and vision insurance, sick/vacation/holiday pay, 401k, commuter check program, 125 flexible spending account, 529 savings, group discounts, and corporate discounts.

Let TargetCW free up hours of your day by handling the enrollment process, employee queries, benefits administration, payroll processing, tax reporting, off-boarding, employment verifications, COBRA, unemployment claims, and wage garnishments. We allow you to focus your attention on what you do best. 

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Our highly effective, full-service, staffing and recruiting department consistently delivers the best talent to our clients across the US. We strive to use innovative strategies in order to ensure your company is exposed to the top-tier talent. We fill positions for Contract / Temporary, Contract-to-Hire / Temp-to-Hire, and Direct Hire positions. We search for employees across all industries. Our specialties are:  IT/Technical, Administrative / Clerical, Accounting / Finance, Sales / Marketing, Human Resources, Operations, Engineering, and Executive Search.

Direct Hire Staffing Contract / Temporary Staffing Find Talent

1099 Check and Management

Managing and assuming the liability for 1099 "independent contractor" classification is something most companies face throughout their operations. Mis-classification per IRS guidelines is a high risk for companies to assume and often times costly. Qualifying candidates requires valuable time and risk assumption that many companies do not have the staff or expertise for evaluating. If audited, companies may find themselves paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in back State and Federal Unemployment Insurance, employer FICA, and interest/penalties on all back-paid wages to non-compliant 1099s.

Our 1099 Check and Management service evaluates the IRS and Social Security Administration's 20 factors that are used in court to determine workers status. We review not only the worker, but also the specific project and relationship between worker and business. By using our service, clients reduce their exposure to costly mis-classification and eliminate the headache of 1099 evaluations. Our thorough and objective process takes the 1099 negotiating element out of the qualification process and provides a single on-line source for the processing and ongoing management of your 1099s. In addition, our service includes re-evaluation at various times.

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International Payrolling

Our services for managing your US contingent workforce are also available overseas and processed here at our global headquarters. TargetCW provides local customer service to our clients while our established partners in various countries provide local customer service to the payrollees. A dedicated team of international HR professionals and worldwide employment lawyers can answer your international payrolling questions with an in-depth knowledge of countries' intricate employment laws and standard business practices. As with US payrolling, we become the legal employer for your overseas workers and take care of all the hiring, benefits, rigorous legal regulations, and the employment contract.

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Pre-Employment Screening

Pre-Employment Screening/Background Checks is another service offered to mitigate risk and exposure to your company's information and assets. TargetCW allows you to make fully informed hiring decisions with the rapid turn-around time needed when hiring temporary and contract workers; by utilizing our in-house pre-screening department. From criminal background checks and drug screening to driving records and credit reports, we can customize a package to suit your company's budget and hiring requirements.


PO Tracking

In conjunction with our VMS/MSP service or on its own, TargetCW can assist companies with managing and tracking their contingent workforce budget through purchase order tracking and notifications. PO Tracking can assist your department managers and/or buyers by providing them with the information necessary to allocate resources, budget planning, and forecasting. Our PO system is setup to use your unique purchase order numbers that are assigned to an individual employee or department. Spend and remaining PO balances are tracked and reported to you based on your pre-determined parameters.


Online Time and Expense Tracking

TargetCW's online time and expense tracking system provides an easy to use process for time/expense entry and approval. We can manage various approvers, departments, locations, and PO's. This real time on-line system is accessible from almost any browser with 128-bit encryption. With 24/7 accessibility and real time updates:

  • Employees can access pay statement details, profile settings, built in messaging, and on-line retrieval of W2's.
  • Approvers/supervisors can access employee overviews and exportable reports for time, expenses, PO, departmental spend, etc.

Employee Benefits

Focusing on customer care not only means responding to our clients and employees in a timely manner, but also providing employee benefits that employees are enthusiastic about. We offer enterprise level benefits such as medical, dental, 401k retirement plan, 125 flexible spending account, 529 college savings plan, commuter check program, fitness center discounts, multiple weekly pay runs, instant direct deposit, paycards, and a dozen other benefits to improve the satisfaction of OUR payrollees.

Benefits Page

Benefits Brochure


Internship Program

TargetCW has many benefits designed especially for managing interns for our client companies. Aside from being the legal employer, we have several unique benefits to help both the intern and the client company.  Take a look below to see some of our benefits, services and convenience features designed to make your internship and cooperative education programs hassle free.

Key functions of our Internship Program:

  • Intern reference letter at the end of assignment
  • Good grades rewards
  • Paperless onboarding
  • Gym membership reimbursement
  • Online timekeeping and approvals

Internship & Co-op Program


Through our Vendor Management Solution software (VMS), which is part off-the-shelf and part proprietary, TargetCW acts as an on-site Managed Service Provider (MSP) for small to medium sized corporations.

Key functions of our VMS/MSP service:

  • Management of multiple staffing agencies and contract recruiters through one easy to use interface.
  • Feedback/discussion on submitted candidates between hiring manager and contract recruiter to narrow selection criteria and target best-fit candidates.
  • In-house management, tracking, and searching of your internally sourced candidates/resumes.
  • Detailed reporting functions and metrics.
  • One customizable consolidated invoice.

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