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TargetCW is committed to the principle of equal access for customers, clients, candidates, and workers with disabilities in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). If you are having difficulty navigating our websites or utilizing any of our online services, we have agents available to assist you 24 hours per day Monday through Saturday at the following toll-free phone number: 888-388-8873. You can also email

Contract/Temporary Staffing

Across our four staffing verticals we are ready to support your needs: Professional, IT & Engineering, General & Light Industrial and Military Veterans.

Interview & Skills Testing

Vetting the right candidates is our job; We will work with you to create an effective and legally defensible prescreening process that can include skills testing.

Purposeful Communication

We strive to build strong communication channels with your team from our structured intake calls to closing a candidate. Working hand in hand with your team, we will serve as your liaison so that all parties are on the same page.

Quick Fill Time

Nothing is more beautiful than a well-oiled recruiting process. Our sourcing process and team structure allows us to provide a qualified slate of candidates within days of starting the search.

Employee Benefits

Research shows that TargetCW has the best employee benefits in the industry. Our AT COST benefits program is all about our workers, their retention, their health, their connection to our work culture, and most of all their happiness. In addition to medical, dental, and vision plans, our company offers many other valuable perks to the temporary workforce.

Paperless Timecards & Onboarding

Our technology capabilities are the best in the industry. Most functions are mobile compatible to ensure accessibility and availability when workers need it. All processes can happen without paper, without faxes, and even without one email being sent.

Pre-Employment Screening

We value the integrity of every candidate we place. We have customizable pre-screening packages available for you to verify employment, education, criminal history, and more.

Direct Hire

In today’s rapidly evolving market, the search for talent can be exceptionally competitive.  You need a well-connected partner to attract and source the right candidates.

Talent Network

We all know that one size does not fit all.  We utilize a proven blend of network connections, advertising, and the ability to attract passive talent to generate strong interest and candidate flow for your position.

Trusted Partner

Our long-standing team of recruiters are best in the business. We live and breathe TargetCW and are committed to be your partner in identifying the best talent for your organization.

Ethics & Confidentiality

Hiring can be a delicate process and we understand the need for confidentiality and discretion. We are committed to protecting the integrity of your organization.


Our team can build programs and strategies to meet your specific needs and cycles. From an influx of 200 seasonal hires for a call center to 10 SAP consultants for implementation, we’ve got you covered.

Proven Project Methodology

When you have a critical recruiting project you cannot afford to leave the fulfillment to chance, our tested methodology will make certain that you meet your hiring timeline with the agreed upon results.

Candidate Experience

Our technology capabilities are the best in the industry. Most functions are mobile compatible to ensure accessibility and availability when needed, leading to an accelerated and optimized candidate experience.

Quality of Hire

Hiring in volume does not mean that each individual hire is less important to your success. Our recruiters will go the extra mile to ensure that each candidate not only has the right skills, but is a cultural match as well.


Visibility of the Contingent Workforce is a growing area of focus for HR Managers. Reporting Capabilities and continuous monitoring of temps’ status and assignment details are top priorities with TargetCW’s platform.

PO Management

Spend, job costs, and approvals are all built into StaffingNation™, our contingent workforce platform. We offer up to six tiers of approval, reporting, notifications and custom workflows to help achieve your compliance needs and spend goals.

Strategic Insight

No one likes to make decisions with partial or incorrect information. The use of StaffingNation™ will ensure that your key stakeholders and leadership have the right information at their fingertips.

Real-Time Monitoring

The complete contingent worker life cycle is accessible through our application, StaffingNation™. Whether it’s requisition, termination, or reengagements, StaffingNation™ is your complete solution to real time information. You and your account management team will have amazing synergy through this awesome technology.

Automation & Simplicity?

Automation & Simplicity?


Automation and simplicity? Rarely do these two words go hand in hand, but with StaffingNation, that was the goal. StaffingNation is a powerful platform built on the latest technology and innovation. Our open source API allows you complete access to our workers' data making StaffingNation your main repository for all things CW. Triggers, webhooks, API calls … all are now easy, making integrations and automation a breeze. Request our full API guide for more information. After all what good is a tool if it doesn’t play well with all your other tools.

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