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TargetCW is committed to the principle of equal access for customers, clients, candidates, and workers with disabilities in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). If you are having difficulty navigating our websites or utilizing any of our online services, we have agents available to assist you 24 hours per day Monday through Saturday at the following toll-free phone number: 888-388-8873. You can also email

Independent Contractor Compliance (1099)

It’s no secret that federal and state governments are taking a closer look at independent contractor engagement to both protect workers' rights and tax revenue. We ensure your contractors are properly classified, paid, and administered.

1099 Compliance & Management

Independent contractor vetting is critical to reducing the potential of audits and other risks. Our multi-tier approach ensures a thorough evaluation and we not only determine eligibility for 1099 status, but we can also manage the contract and payment.

Payment Management

Through data and tracking consolidation, our system can consolidate and make payments to various entities. Vendors, 1099s, and SOWs are some of the resources we can manage and facilitate payments to. This includes sophisticated international payment types.

Real Customer Service

Dedicated & thoughtful customer service is core to our success and your happiness. Our company consistently trains and encourages a positive internal culture resulting in great customer service to our clients and employees. Our 96% employee retention says it all. Our Account Managers strive to make every employee’s day when they call or e-mail us.

Contract Management

Our vendor input system builds an extensive self-service profile. This includes client-side contracts and vendor-side certifications which include SSAE, COIs, NDAs, Certifications and more.

Legal Review

Legal review brings outside niche legal expertise to various components of our programs. This includes 1099 vetting, contracts, and a myriad of issues that emerge with the advent of the gig economy.

Audited Financial and SSAE 16 SOC II

Financial and information security is vital to any business – especially in this digital age. By providing audited financials and being SSAE 16 SOC II certified, you can rest assured that your workers’ information is secure and safe.


Visibility of the Contingent Workforce is a growing area of focus for HR Managers. Reporting Capabilities and continuous monitoring of temps’ status and assignment details are top priorities with TargetCW’s platform.

PO Management

Spend, job costs, and approvals are all built into StaffingNation™, our contingent workforce platform. We offer up to six tiers of approval, reporting, notifications and custom workflows to help achieve your compliance needs and spend goals.

Strategic Insight

No one likes to make decisions with partial or incorrect information. The use of StaffingNation™ will ensure that your key stakeholders and leadership have the right information at their fingertips.

Real-Time Monitoring

The complete contingent worker life cycle is accessible through our application, StaffingNation™. Whether it’s requisition, termination, or reengagements, StaffingNation™ is your complete solution to real time information. You and your account management team will have amazing synergy through this awesome technology.

Automation & Simplicity?

Automation & Simplicity?


Automation and simplicity? Rarely do these two words go hand in hand, but with StaffingNation, that was the goal. StaffingNation is a powerful platform built on the latest technology and innovation. Our open source API allows you complete access to our workers' data making StaffingNation your main repository for all things CW. Triggers, webhooks, API calls … all are now easy, making integrations and automation a breeze. Request our full API guide for more information. After all what good is a tool if it doesn’t play well with all your other tools.

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