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What is the R.O.H.R! Initiative?

The R.O.H.R! (Recognizing Our Human Responsibility) Campaign is derived from a long-standing world history of inequality. We speak out for what we believe in so that eventually, the outlier becomes the norm. There is no doubt that we still have a long way to go, but, if we are able to move the needle, even slightly, then we are on the path to achieving success.

It’s about Women!
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HBR and Melinda Gates!

Let’s start with a Million! Inspired by Melinda Gates promise to donate a Billion dollars to Women, Power and Influence!

Health, education & equal opportunities for all women – that’s the vision of Melinda Gates; Hear all about it. Harvard Business Review Big Idea, “Women, Power, and Influence” presented by TargetCW!

Enjoy the Ideacast or read more here, then get out there and take action!

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Fewer than 3% of the words in history textbooks are specifically about women, and only 5% of all images of historical figures in textbooks are women of color.

From “Gender Equality is within Our Reach” by Melinda Gates

How To Get Involved

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Partner with us on events and initiatives.

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Donate to the cause.

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Connect with the organizations.

Recent Events

Harvard Business Review Big Idea
“Women, Power, and influence” with Melinda Gates

New York City – September 26, 2019

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More than 4 million women have participated in women’s marches across 600 cities since 2017.

From “Gender Equality is within Our Reach” by Melinda Gates

TargetCW is so excited to be a part of the solution. Right now we're giving $10,000 to women's organizations for each new client that chooses TargetCW as their Employer of Record until the end of the year with the goal of reaching a Million over 10 years or sooner!

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