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StaffingNation (SN) is an on-boarding tool used by staffing agencies, recruiters, and companies, including the one you are applying to or are assigned to work. These companies use StaffingNation to make their lives and yours more simple and efficient. TargetCW is a global contingent workforce management company and StaffingNation is our proprietary management system used as our worker on-boarding system. We need data in order for us to employ, make arrangements for possible work or manage your work at our client companies. WebCenter/Tempworks is a third party product that we use as our accounting and payroll system. The web feature is used to collect and distribute hours and other payroll related information. For persons under a DOD contract, please reach out to our Facility Security Officer (FSO) for more information.


We may have your SSN or tax payer ID, passport and/or visa information, authorization to work documents, date of birth, address, phone number(s), email(s), EEOC data, emergency contact information, banking information, full legal name and aliases, and spouse/children(s) names along with their SSN and DOB for various insurance needs. For people applying for open positions we may have the above information as well as your resume which may contain previous employers, employment and education history and other information that you have furnished or your resume of C.V. If a background check was run we may also have drug test data, criminal data, credit, driving, personal references and other background check related data.


All of the data that we collect is to employ you, help find you a job, have someone else employ you or to manage your contract. In addition, you may be required to provide information to the client company that is different from the data above. We may collect and report this data to the client company in ordered for them to conduct business or comply with various laws. Other information that we collect is in order for us to provide you with various benefits such health insurance, retirement mechanisms such as 401K etc.


What else do we do with your information? We might send you an email or two, remind you of deadlines, benefits, applicable laws, W-2’s or other tax documents, newsletters, etc. BUT we will never sell or give anyone your information. The only entities that may have your information are: TargetCW, a staffing agency if they found you the job, a third party employer, a bank if necessary to get you paid, an attorney firm for visa compliance, a third-party verification service (E-verify, EDD or other government entity, banking verification, background check, API partners) and the client company. We may also use your data to offer you job opportunities, once you’re off assignment. Lastly, in certain circumstances we may use your data to book travel. Usually we already have the data required, but you may at your discretion chose to limit our use of this data and book travel using a different mechanism where we DO NOT provide your personal data to the various travel vendors.


You have a right to access information. Most of all your information is available in StaffingNation or WebCenter at any time. You can log in using our secure sites and access whatever information you like. Additional information that we have on you is usually transmitted as a matter of your rights such as wage garnishments. If you don’t have access to these systems, please contact us below.


Some of your information may be sent electronically, archived, printed on paper, faxed, or even mailed. BUT it will always be kept secure and we will always follow best practices to protect your information. If we must transmit confidential information, it will be encrypted and protected—or sent using a protected channel. If the data is being sent to a partner agency who will be employing you, then we will send that data using a secure channel but if possible, we will require the partner to log into StaffingNation to retrieve the data.


Your information may be kept from a few months to 7 years depending on the type of information and legal requirements of that country or juris. Our partners, used for banking verification or background checks, will only use your data for the intended purposes and in most cases do not store it. You can find a complete list of our partners and their privacy policies by using the contact information below.


Although we use all available safeguards, including commercially accepted practices and regular audits, there is always chance of a breach. If there is a breach, we will notify you within 72 hours of us being made aware of the breach. You may have other remedies by law, but in the event of a breach, we will pay at our expense for credit monitoring services for up to 1 year depending on the severity and nature of the data breach. If there is something else we can do, we’ll evaluate and do what we can to remedy the situation.


At this time we only collect and use data with the least amount of access possible. Since Newsletter and survey often times have relevant information, we suggest that you DO NOT block or opt out of these.


Since you are in an employment relationship, your right to be forgotten is limited. We must retain certain data according to country and juris laws. We may be able to delete some data if you request us to do so. Once you have fulfilled your employment obligation, you may request that we delete your banking information and emergency contact information.


If after contacting the Global Privacy and Data Security Office of TargetCW through the link at the right, you are still not satisfied, TargetCW will provide you the contact information for an independent dispute resolution service.


Various forms of arbitration may be available if we are unable to resolve your issue.


If you have any questions or requests regarding your data or privacy, please use the following contact information:
TargetCW Global Privacy and Data Protection Office (GDP)
858.810.3000 (US) or


What do we expect from you? We’ll you need you to have a good internet connection and device to connect to StaffingNation. Please be accurate, this data is used to run background checks, validation and verification algorithms, and to make a legal employee out of you. Don’t forget information in SN is legally binding and if you misrepresent yourself, you may lose your job and lose access to SN.

TargetCW’s Global Privacy and Data Protection Office (GDP) Policy Date: 03/14/2018
(For more details, visit our Privacy & Protection Center)