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TargetCW is committed to the principle of equal access for customers, clients, candidates, and workers with disabilities in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). If you are having difficulty navigating our websites or utilizing any of our online services, we have agents available to assist you 24 hours per day Monday through Saturday at the following toll-free phone number: 888-388-8873. You can also email

What HR Managers need to know about Healthcare Reform

Healthcare Reform has survived the Supreme Court, which means employers need to develop a plan with how to comply and implement all the upcoming requirements. The 2010 Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act survived because the most controversial part, the individual mandate was deemed constitutional on June 28, 2012. Employers are now left with deciding […]

Celebrate Employees

We want to celebrate our employees’ accomplishments and their contributions at our client companies. You can now nominate one of your TargetCW workers for TargetCW’s Celebrate Employees Program! Every month TargetCW will recognize 5 – 10 workers as “Employee of the Month.” We’ll send out a certificate of recognition and a $25 Amazon gift card to the […]

The Wage Theft Protection Act

  The Wage Theft Protection Act (AB469), which went into effect January 1, 2012, provides greater protection to workers and makes changes in the way workers in California are notified of basic employment information. The new legislation amends existing law and adds new requirements for employers. It also criminalized willful violation for non-payment of wages […]

SSAE 16 Audit Completed

We take our client’s data integrity and security seriously!  TargetCW is proud to announce the successful completion of our SSAE 16 Type II audit.  This audit reassures our dedication to strong internal controls over our financial reporting and overall commitment to our clients.  The audit undergone by TargetCW was conducted in accordance with the AICPA […]

Are Unpaid Internships Set to Cost Companies More?

An unpaid intern at Harper’s Bazaar magazine (a Hearst Corporation division) has filed a lawsuit alleging that federal and state wage and hour laws were broken during the internship, primarily due to not receiving compensation. Many companies in the fashion and entertainment industries utilize interns in an unpaid manner due to the allure and overwhelming […]

One Job – One Tree

In addition to our paperless onboarding and wind-powered website, we have partnered with a non-profit (Trees for the Future) to plant a tree for every new employee that we add on to our payroll.   Trees for the Future have been helping communities around the world plant trees since 1989.  We have already planted approximately 2,500 […]

California Required Employment Paperwork for 2012

Starting January 1st 2012, all employers in California should have added a few more pages to their new hire paperwork. Non-exempt workers in CA must receive a notice from their employer when hired, which outlines Labor Code section 2810.5. The paperwork explains that they employee is non-exempt (eligible for overtime pay) and lists their overtime […]

1099 Misclassification Penalties in CA, new 2012

The California law SB 459 is effective January 1st 2012. In short, a company may be fined an additional $5,000 to $25,000 for the willful misclassification of 1099 or Independent Contractors. For employers it is a good time to ensure the policies for engaging Independent Contracts are in line with the law and standardized across […]

Future of Job Hunting and Candidate Searching?

Does anyone utilize professional resume writers or coaches anymore? With a large pool of unemployed and qualified workers, it seems like a main factor in securing a new job is standing out to the hiring manager(s). Not to complicate the process, but now there are peer reviews, resumes, virtual and video resumes, personal/professional networking referrals, […]

Proposed Changes: 1099 Independent Contractor Classification and Misclassification Penalties

Last year the House of Representatives and the Senate introduced two proposals directed at 1099 (Independent Contractor) classification. The legislation, which is backed by the White House, targets current grey areas with Independent Contractor classification, enforcement, and penalties. The following are overviews of the two Acts. The Fair Playing Field Act of 2010 introduced by both […]