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TargetCW is committed to the principle of equal access for customers, clients, candidates, and workers with disabilities in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). If you are having difficulty navigating our websites or utilizing any of our online services, we have agents available to assist you 24 hours per day Monday through Saturday at the following toll-free phone number: 888-388-8873. You can also email

Contingent Workforce and PPACA

We have designed a PPACA white paper to give you some guidance and an overview of the healthcare implementation plan for TargetCW workers. More details will surface once we have official, underwritten rates from the large census of our current workforce population. In addition there are several variables that still need clarification by the government: […]

Common Hiring Mistakes to Avoid

Top talent is a key component to success. Hiring the wrong person at a ten people company can be extremely impactful. Prescreen correctly Prescreen calls with candidates to get a feel for whether the candidate has the experience you are looking for and that the salary they desire is in the range you can offer. […]

Improving Employee Engagement

According to Globoforce, an employee assessment company, 71% of the American workforce is actively disengaged to their work. Productivity is reduced and turnover is high when disengagement is low. What to do? Here are a few recommendations to turn around your team. Flexible Hours: Show your employees that you trust their time management skills by […]

Retaining Happy Employees

According to the iOpener Institute for People and Performance, employees who are happy at work are the most productive at work. The iOpener Institute has gathered data since 2005 to assess the workplace science of happiness at work. According to this report, employees most happy at work are twice as productive, stay five times longer […]

Fiscal Cliff Talk and How It Affects Your Paycheck

After a heated debate and a prolonged vote, the House of Representatives voted 257-167 to approve a bill to prevent the fiscal cliff. The main purpose of this vote was to extend the Bush era tax cuts, which currently affect approximately 98% of taxpayers. However, according to Forbes, 77% of Americans will actually end up […]

How to Be Assertive In the Workplace

Shy? Want to learn to become a leader? Assertive employees are proactive leaders that are compassionate, loyal, straightforward, calm, direct, fair, and polite. Practice taking these characteristics into action by relating them to scenarios at your workplace. Need inspiration? Watching assertive employees in your workplace and taking notes on how they handle situations can help. […]

Solutions for Hardest Microsoft Office Questions

Here are two of our favorite tips from Susan Hawkins at that are uncommonly known. Typing Text to Scanned Documents Scan document if you have not done so already. Open Microsoft Word and open the header section. Click insert tab and click Picture in the Illustrations group. (In Word 2003 choose Picture from Insert menu and […]

3 Office Productivity Tips

With the New Year coming along it’s a good opportunity to make some positive productivity changes! Consider when you are at your best. Whether that is in the morning or after lunch, schedule yourself accordingly if possible. Set your biggest tasks around this time if allowable for full productivity. Rethink the way you correspond to […]

Three Ways to Meet Your Professional Goals

Stay positive! Employees with positive work outlooks tend to be less tired and more likely to achieve goals. Results from less optimism are often fatigue and less productivity. Getting good rest can help keep your mood up. Set smaller and more specific goals! Focus on your objective and consider all the steps needed to realistically […]

2013 Minimum Wage Increases

Are you ready for 2013 minimum wage increases? Below are states with minimum wage increases effective January 1, 2013. Arizona $7.80 California- City of San Francisco  $10.55 California- Computer Exempt personnel $39.99 Florida $7.79 Missouri $7.35 Montana $7.80 Ohio $7.88 Oregon $8.95 Rhode Island $7.75 Vermont $8.60 Washington $9.19 Reminder, IRS mileage rate increase to […]