TargetCW Services Highlight: International Payroll

International Terminal Business Travel Transportation Concept

Did you know that TargetCW can aid in your company’s International Contingent Workforce payroll? Through various partnerships and fully owned subsidiaries, we offer a one stop-solution for all your international employment needs. We take on the standard employment burdens for various countries, just like we do in the United States.

We currently have legal operating entities in Canada and the United Kingdom. In addition, we have business partnerships in over 45 countries!

Our program has a variety of unique benefits that make payrolling international workers simple:

  • Currency conversion built into the mark up rate
  • We handle all GST/VAT according to country law
  • You can pay your invoice in US dollars
  • Offer letters/employment contracts are created and managed by TargetCW
  • Time and expense tracking through our online systems for all workers US and abroad
  • Benefits for various countries are administered by the appropriate office

Our team of international professionals and HR experts know the intricate employment laws of each country and the standard business practices to make sure your candidate is comfortable with their assignment. We look forward to working with you!


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