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Employment Branding: Attracting Top Talent

We are in the midst of a transparent world, and companies are leveraging transparency to attract top talent. I always thought that having a transparent company meant employees had no personal space or privacy – to which many find intrusive. The truth is, having a transparent company allows people to see elements of what makes a company a worthy place to invest their career. How are companies utilizing transparency to woo the best talent? Employee Engagement. “Great managers engage their employees by helping them define the right outcomes, then letting them use their unique talents to choose the process that works best for them” – Mann & Darby.


In what ways can Employee Engagement be defined?

  • Management – it starts with leadership. To our core, people need leadership… even leader’s need leaders. Without leadership, companies will struggle with structure and organization. Managers who engage their employees help bring meaning to the work that they do.
  • Allowing employees to add their “self” in their work is a key in creating engagement. Empowering employees to give feedback, to take on projects that enhance a skill-set, and to give them the authority to define best practices gives them a sense of ownership.
  • Employees need time to unplug in order to be more engaged and productive. Ping Pong and other incentives like happy hour are great outlets for employees. They’re able to connect with each other over something unrelated to work, building a different kind of camaraderie.
  • Recognition in the form of a consistent small thank-you will make your workforce better. Hand written cards, public praise or an email have been found to keep up company morale. A simple thank you goes a long way.
  • Human Resources is the lifeblood for employees. If we see or hear something going on within the organization, we have to face reality and bring it forward to management. There is nothing more hindering to an organization than a lack of stability and a positive working environment.


Employee Engagement is something every company should focus on, but for many it’s an area that takes the back seat. There are many attributes that can help develop Employee Engagement, so please, reply with a comment. Let us know what you think. Are there attributes worthy of note? 


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