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6 Things Human Resources Should Never Do

The role of HR has evolved significantly over the last few decades.

Today, HR professionals have a lot of responsibilities, including recruiting, onboarding, and engagement, among other things. HR departments work to make sure their employees are given the support they need to reach their full potential. In doing so, organizations become stronger and grow more rapidly.

That’s what HR is supposed to do, anyway. So how does your department stack up? Now that you know what your HR department should be doing, let’s take a look at six things HR professionals should avoid at all cost:Human Resources News, 6 Things Human Resources Should Never Do

The world of the Contingent Workforce is an ever growing and evolving market. New laws and regulations constantly change classification and liability risks for companies. Simple mistakes like putting agency hires in your HRIS system can leave you open to lawsuits, or assuming you must use a staffing agency for contingent workers can add unneeded costs to your payroll. When all is said and done, you don’t want to be using any of these hashtags.

TargetCW helps our clients navigate these hurdles, and covers you from a liability standpoint by keeping contingent workers off your payroll and out of your own internal systems which provides protection and minimizes risks. Whether your just exploring the option of using contingent workers, or you have a large CW program you want reviewed, TargetCW is your one-stop place for all of your CW needs. Contact us today to discuss how we can help!