3 Office Productivity Tips

With the New Year coming along it’s a good opportunity to make some positive productivity changes! Consider when you are at your best. Whether that is in the morning or after lunch, schedule yourself accordingly if possible. Set your biggest tasks around this time if allowable for full productivity. Rethink the way you correspond to […]

Three Ways to Meet Your Professional Goals

Stay positive! Employees with positive work outlooks tend to be less tired and more likely to achieve goals. Results from less optimism are often fatigue and less productivity. Getting good rest can help keep your mood up. Set smaller and more specific goals! Focus on your objective and consider all the steps needed to realistically […]

2013 Minimum Wage Increases

Are you ready for 2013 minimum wage increases? Below are states with minimum wage increases effective January 1, 2013. Arizona $7.80 California- City of San Francisco  $10.55 California- Computer Exempt personnel $39.99 Florida $7.79 Missouri $7.35 Montana $7.80 Ohio $7.88 Oregon $8.95 Rhode Island $7.75 Vermont $8.60 Washington $9.19 Reminder, IRS mileage rate increase to […]

Tips to Combat Ergonomic Pain & Injury

Ergonomics, or “human factors”, is the science of designing equipment, the workplace and even job to fit the worker. This principle can be broken down into three areas. Physical ergonomics is concerned with the way the body interacts with the worker’s tools (anything from shovels to chairs to personal computers) and their effects on the […]

Workplace Excellence Awards

For the third year in a row, TargetCW became the trophy sponsor for the San Diego Workplace Excellence Awards, “the Oscars of HR,” on Wednesday November 7th. San Diego businesses are recognized for contributions that are exceptional to Human Resource practices for success and profitability of an organization. Debbie, our VP of Staffing, presented the […]

TargetCW is here to help with Hurricane Sandy

Many of our clients and employees are impacted by Hurricane Sandy. TargetCW has set up a relief fund to help workers who are unable to go to work because of the storm. In addition, we will be extending deadlines for hours and approvals. Please call us or email us if we can help in anyway. […]

What are you planning for National Philanthropic Day?

The National Philanthropy Day® (NPD) on November 15th is a special day set aside each year to show appreciation for all that has been accomplished in the philanthropic community. What makes this philanthropic day so special and inspiring is that there are no laws or rules that mandate volunteering or getting involved. TargetCW was proud […]

Do you get paid time off for Election Day?

As many of you know, Election Day is coming up November 6th. In certain states, employees are given paid time off to vote if they cannot vote due to working hours. This is only if they do not have sufficient time outside of work. Voting hours are 7 am to 8 pm. As a general […]

Creating a Flexible Workplace

The Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) maintains an excellent collection of resources to assist with creating a strong work and life balance, also known as workplace flexibility. Workplace flexibility occurs when both the employer and employees collaborate to adjust the time, location, and manner of daily tasks in an effort to create mutually beneficial […]

New CA Law Requires Written Commission Agreement

The recently enacted AB 1396 creates new requirements for California employers who pay employees commissions.  Effective January 1, 2013 the law requires CA employers to have a written commission agreement with each employee. The agreement should include the following: Calculation method – this section should specify how the commission is calculated. Is it a percentage of […]