Corporate Interviewing & Hiring Processes Improving for 2013

Over the past year, my colleagues and I have worked with numerous companies and based on our needs and experiences, there have been some changes in the way top talent is recruited and hired. Here are five trends that we have seen emerging: 1. Video conferencing is becoming more prevalent. Human resources, as well as the hiring departments, […]

Quarterly 401k Open Enrollment is April 1st!

Have you heard? It is quarterly open enrollment for TargetCW’s 401k Plan – a company sponsored retirement savings plan designed to help you prepare for retirement. Our plan offers many unique advantages not available through other types of savings plans. You must be employed a minimum of 60 days to enroll. The deadline to enroll […]

Top 4 Industries Hiring in 2013

2013 is off to a very positive start. In the last few months we’ve seen an increase in new job openings in familiar industries and some exciting re-emerging industries ramping up again.  If you’re seeking work or considering making a change this year you’re not alone. In fact, one in three employees will be looking […]

UPDATE: San Jose Ordinance to Increase Minimum Wage

Do you have employees working within the city limits of San Jose? If so, they may be getting a pay increase on Monday. A new minimum wage ordinance passed by San Jose voters in November 2012, goes into effect Monday March 11. This ordinance requires that employees working within the city limits of San Jose […]

Survey Results Say You Love Us!

We sincerely appreciate you taking the time to complete our client and employee satisfaction survey and were excited to see such positive reviews. Client survey results were 99% overall satisfaction and employee survey results were 97% overall satisfaction. Employees love the most our customer service, timeliness of payment, and response times while clients appreciate our […]

Contingent Workforce and PPACA

We have designed a PPACA white paper to give you some guidance and an overview of the healthcare implementation plan for TargetCW workers. More details will surface once we have official, underwritten rates from the large census of our current workforce population. In addition there are several variables that still need clarification by the government: […]

Common Hiring Mistakes to Avoid

Top talent is a key component to success. Hiring the wrong person at a ten people company can be extremely impactful. Prescreen correctly Prescreen calls with candidates to get a feel for whether the candidate has the experience you are looking for and that the salary they desire is in the range you can offer. […]

Improving Employee Engagement

According to Globoforce, an employee assessment company, 71% of the American workforce is actively disengaged to their work. Productivity is reduced and turnover is high when disengagement is low. What to do? Here are a few recommendations to turn around your team. Flexible Hours: Show your employees that you trust their time management skills by […]

Retaining Happy Employees

According to the iOpener Institute for People and Performance, employees who are happy at work are the most productive at work. The iOpener Institute has gathered data since 2005 to assess the workplace science of happiness at work. According to this report, employees most happy at work are twice as productive, stay five times longer […]

Fiscal Cliff Talk and How It Affects Your Paycheck

After a heated debate and a prolonged vote, the House of Representatives voted 257-167 to approve a bill to prevent the fiscal cliff. The main purpose of this vote was to extend the Bush era tax cuts, which currently affect approximately 98% of taxpayers. However, according to Forbes, 77% of Americans will actually end up […]