Adapting to a Strong Economy: Welcome to the “Employee Market”

We all know that every few years the economy shifts. Having just left an “Employer Market”, where hiring a new employee is more of a process than just posting a job and reviewing/screening through 100’s, if not 1000’s of resumes, we are now entering an “Employee Market” where all the rules of the last few […]

A Rare Win for Correctly Identified Independent Contractor

Everyone once in a while employers actually win. A Texas district court orders the Department of Labor to pay over $5 million dollars in attorney’s fees. The DOL and EEOC are aggressively pursuing small businesses for Independent Contractor misclassification. It’s obviously better to be more conservative when engaging 1099 contractors to be sure you’re classifying […]

Game Developers Conference

GDC 2014 Hits Attendance Record! Since its inception in 1988, the GDC (formally known as Computer Game Developers Conference) has hosted the most successful game developing companies in the world! The GDC event is comprised of an expo, networking events, awards shows, as well as lectures and software demos. What started as a group of 27 […]

Introducing TargetCW On-Boarding powered by StaffingNation

The ultimate goal of StaffingNation (a TargetCW company) is to revolutionize the industry. This release is designed to make onboarding workers simple, quick, secure, and paperless. The system manages the process between your dedicated account manager, your internal hiring managers, and the candidate/worker. Features include: Secure paperless worker invitation and onboarding system. Multiple document acknowledgment […]

TargetCW Ranked #2 in the Top Workplaces to Work Small Business Division!

TargetCW does it again! We received the top #2 ranking in the small business category for UT San Diego Top Workplaces award for 2013. Our CEO and President, Samer Khouli, also received the leadership award in the small business category for receiving the most positive feedback and comments during the screening process. Hat’s off to […]

Your Tech Staffing Worries Are Over

TargetCW is excited to welcome Joyce Jordan to our team. Joyce is a proven Tech recruiter with years of experience filling sought after software positions. She has the character, tenacity and excellent work ethic you’ve come to expect from TargetCW. Give us a call next time you have a Tech position, we’ll find you amazing […]

Customer Loyalty

We think companies retain their customers through loyalty. So what is customer loyalty? Exceeding expectations and keeping current customers happy. Offer a special incentive to repeat customers in order to make them feel like they are a value to your business. A rewards program or discount for regular customers can be an excellent way to […]

Coach Managers

Managers are often the primary reason for people either loving or leaving their jobs. We think great managers take the lead as coaches. What makes a great coach? A coach understands that coaching is not just a form of good communication but also seen as moving to a deeper level of human interaction and connection. […]

How to Write a Memorable Cover Letter

There are a few rules to keep in mind when creating an outstanding cover letter. Appearances matter. Your resume and cover letter must be aesthetically pleasing and consistent in appearance. This includes formatting with the same heading and fonts. Have a specific contact. Always use the hiring manager’s name in the salutation. If the contact’s […]

Retirement Planning Help!

Planning for retirement can seem like a daunting task. For many employees, retirement may feel like it is too far away to worry about now. For others, it may be too close and you feel nothing you do will make a big impact. For most of us, retirement will happen someday and it is too […]