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What You Need to Know: Talent Pool

As we know the effects of the COVID-19 will continue to linger, more companies are relying on contingent workers to supplement their workforce and prepare for future ramifications. Taking immediate action to increase resiliency to the evolving business challenges with your contingent workforce is a great way to get ahead and maintain operations.

We propose redefining your approach to your contingent workforce population with the utilization of Talent Pool. Talent Pool allows your company to break down rigid job constraints by matching the current needs of tasks and projects with previously engaged talent. It houses a robust repository of your talent to allow for easy access and instant click-to-engage work. Below are three benefits your company will experience with Talent Pool:

  1. Cost Savings. By having access to mobilize talent quickly, organizations can quickly backfill sick-employees, find talent for critical projects, and reduce reliance on staffing agencies. This helps the bottom line with the reduction of time spent searching for talent and the elimination of staffing mark-ups.
    , What You Need to Know: Talent Pool
  2. Scale Faster. The ability to search for candidates who meet the requirements for your open positions in real-time increases efficiency and productivity for your organization. Talent Pool allows your company to filter through talent based on skillset, location, and past engagement ratings to find the perfect fit at a moment’s notice.
    , What You Need to Know: Talent Pool
  3. Maintain Compliance. With ever-changing legislation surrounding 1099 compliance, local laws, and legal documentation, companies are becoming overwhelmed to stay compliant. Talent Pool allows your company to stay GDPR compliant with complimentary compliance checks across markets for all of your workers.
    , What You Need to Know: Talent Pool

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