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StaffingNation Updates

StaffingNation, our Contingent Workforce Platform, is continuously being improved by our product and development team.  We’ve got a few cool features to tell you about, some new, some maybe you were unaware of!

Tracked Workers:

Some workers don’t fit within the standard “VMS” system, like 3rd party vendor workers who might be onsite at your offices, or your international workers. Ensuring those workers are tracked and reported on is easy in StaffingNation. From the Orders screen, you can Add Tracked Worker if they are not payrolled through TargetCW. Another option is to contact your Account Manager, who can easily import your tracked workers for you from a spreadsheet.  We are also soon releasing a Document Compliance Module for these tracked workers where documents such as Code of Conduct and NDAs can be tracked and managed to ensure 100% worker compliance. Stay tuned for more information on this awesome compliance module!
We also have the ability to payroll your international contingent workers in 195 countries.
, StaffingNation Updates

End Date Management:

Did you know that you can adjust the end date compliance of the “Anticipated End Date” widget on your dashboard for a quick glance of who is in compliance? Click the gear icon and adjust the “Attention Days” to turn to red, and “Evaluate days” to turn to amber to alert you of an upcoming end date., StaffingNation Updates
We will be sure to keep you up-to-date as we release more innovative and amazing features! Our goal is to make the utilization of your contingent workforce as easy as possible!