Motivating Your Contingent Workforce

The contingent workforce is growing and it’s critical for companies to be aware of the unique needs of contingent workers. Because the needs of contingent workers are different, employers need to approach contingent workforce employee engagement differently, too.

In terms of motivation, temporary workers require more attention. Because the jobs are temporary, there is usually no chance of raises, promotions, or paid time off, which are all the typical sources of motivation that employers depend on. Below are some tips to keep contingent workers motivated:

  • Make them feel welcome. Many times contingent workers are treated differently than full time employees. Include them in social events, training, and company outings. An open company culture will increase your employee retention.
  • Stay connected. Don’t forget about your temporary worker or put them on the back burner. Keep constant communication and give them the guidance they need.
  • Reward them. Give your contingent workers the recognition they deserve. If they go above and beyond, incentivizing will help improve engagement.
  • Have next actions prepared. Unlike full time employees, a temporary worker has to constantly consider how they will pay their bills. Giving them early notice of future work or lack of work will greatly influence whether they come back for another project.

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