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5 Reasons to Implement a Virtual Internship Program This Fall

As a response to this global pandemic, many companies have decided to cut their fall internship programs altogether. However, others are opting for a more innovative strategy: transitioning their internship programs to a virtual format.

Below are five reasons why implementing a fall virtual internship program could provide your business with countless benefits, even in the wake of the current economic changes:Internship, 5 Reasons to Implement a Virtual Internship Program This Fall

  1. Ability to source interns from anywhere 

A virtual internship program allows companies to widen their applicant pool and removes any geographic restrictions. This provides a nearly endless stream of qualified applicants, opening the opportunity to employ workers from different states or even, countries. 

  1. Cost savings 

Since virtual interns can work remotely, there is no need to allocate extra space, time, and equipment to establish their workspace. While a standard internship provides a cost-effective way to receive quality work, a virtual internship further adds to cost reduction by saving valuable resources.

  1. Flexibility for students 

A virtual internship provides a new level of flexibility for both employers and interns. This allows companies to accommodate the responsibilities of being a student while still ensuring their interns have an educational and memorable experience.Internship, 5 Reasons to Implement a Virtual Internship Program This Fall

  1. Engage them when needed 

Since they won’t need to travel to an on-site location, a virtual intern is much more adaptable to your business needs. A virtual program makes it much easier to utilize their skillset on an as-needed or per-project basis.

  1. Work with what they know! 

Technology is already an inseparable part of most young peoples’ lives. The ability to communicate via email, accomplish work online, and attend virtual meetings are common day-to-day experiences for the modern young adult. This makes their transition into a virtual program effortless and frees them of interruptions to your everyday business. 

So what now?

After finding a virtual intern you love, allow TargetCW to make the rest simple! We handle all the payroll, legal and administrative tasks that can be a burden on your internal HR team. We manage onboarding through our paperless, cloud-based platform and become the legal W2 employer for your interns, handling all aspects of employment.  We even do an end of assignment letter for your interns often required by their universities or future employers.

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