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2.7 Billion Dollars Worth of Items Are Lost Every Year!

Did you know that worldwide, people lose over 2.7 billion dollars worth of items every year?

Whether it’s your keys, your cell phone, or you wallet, we all know the horrible feeling of losing something valuable. Rarely is there anything as unenjoyable as losing track of something that is important to you.

It’s the same when it comes to your contingent workforce – you don’t want to lose track of your contingent workforce spend.

Until recently most contingent workforce programs only included staffed and payrolled workers. Subsequently, many savvy IT recruiting firms figured out that they could package workers in an SOW resulting in very little oversight on rates and overall spend.  This decision also allows managers to work around the internal systems that HR and sourcing may have put in place to ensure accountability.

Spreadsheets… we are always amazed with the size of companies that are tracking Contingent Labor Spend on spreadsheets. Spreadsheets! It is not uncommon for us to request a census of spend and the program manager will ask us for a week or two to gather the data. Keeping track of your spend on a spreadsheet is usually a recipe for disaster resulting in mismanagement, lack of visibility and poor compliance.

But there is good news, and it’s called StaffingNation. StaffingNation keeps everything in one place, including international spend and SOW’s.

StaffingNation is a complete cloud based platform built manage your contingent workforce that we offer free of charge to TargetCW’s clients. If things like onboarding, new hire paperwork, tracking international spend, and SOW’s give you nightmares, let us help you. StaffingNation is easy to use, but robust enough for even the largest client. And say goodbye to your spreadsheets – in StaffingNation you can track all engagements and manage every single document. You won’t lose a thing when using StaffingNation!

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