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How to Write a Memorable Cover Letter

There are a few rules to keep in mind when creating an outstanding cover letter.

  • Appearances matter. Your resume and cover letter must be aesthetically pleasing and consistent in appearance. This includes formatting with the same heading and fonts.
  • Have a specific contact. Always use the hiring manager’s name in the salutation. If the contact’s name isn’t provided in the job posting, a bit of Internet research or a well-structured phone call can produce results. In using the contact’s name, the cover letter is personalized, while also showing your interest in the company.
  • Create Strong Opening Statement. A dynamic opening paragraph is essential to capture and retain a hiring manager’s interest. For a quick and effective read, it should include a reference to the position sought and a brief statement as to why you are qualified to fill the job.
  • Showcase Your Accomplishments. Include a bulleted area to emphasize accomplishments pertinent to your targeted job. What you have to offer is the most important part of the cover letter.
  • Create a Proactive Closing. Always initiate further action at the end of a cover letter. A proactive closing indicates that you will call within a few days to see if a time might be scheduled to meet.

The goal of your cover letter is simple: to convince a hiring manager to read your resume!


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