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Coach This! A TargetCW Retreat

Influencers at TargetCW gather for annual retreat to discuss strengths, coaching and mentoring.

Ritz Carlton Rancho Mirage was flooded with TargetCW employees dressed in Coach THIS! t-shirts for a 3-day conference/workshop. It was a wonderful retreat designed to launch this new phase of our company growth and culture. “We’ve had 8 amazing years of growth, corporate development, and increased market awareness. Now its time to intensify the investment in our people, creating amazing leaders, coaches, and mentors at TargetCW that embrace and proliferate our culture” said Samer Khouli about the goals of the retreat.

, Coach This!  A TargetCW Retreat, Coach This!  A TargetCW Retreat

“Its now time to decide if we collectively as a team want to become SBO, Strengths-Based Organization”.

The retreat was split into 3 sections: reception and dinner was Friday night; Extensive workshop from 8am to 6pm Monday and team synergy session Tuesday morning.  The intense workshop left everyone a little exhausted (“It was like drinking water out of a fire hose”, Robyn Ise, CTO commented), but was well worth the investment: “It opened my eyes to a few areas both professionally and personally where I can work on myself to be the best I can be.”

, Coach This!  A TargetCW Retreat, Coach This!  A TargetCW Retreat

The workshop was led by Rachel Alman and Samer Khouli two strengths-based coaches, with sessions about coaching led by Robyn Ise and Alice Parenti. Subjects included: How do your strengths play out in your coaching style? How do team strengths dynamics change your leadership style? How do you coach others while taking their strengths into consideration? “Overall this was the best training type retreat we’ve ever had. Although it took a lot out of me and my team to personally host the class, it was well worth to know and do what I expect out of my employees.”  said Samer Khouli.

, Coach This!  A TargetCW Retreat