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Spotlight: Celebrating Our TCW Veterans and Their Spouses

At TargetCW we are passionate about helping people find careers they love!  Career transitions are some of life’s most stressful, yet rewarding experiences and we are here to make that transition as smooth as possible for our clients and candidates.  We are honored to assist the veteran community and their spouses in shifting from military to civilian workforce.  Please see a few testimonials from our internal employees below.

Veterans, Spotlight: Celebrating Our TCW Veterans and Their Spouses

When my now husband told me almost four years ago that he was making the decision to enlist in the Navy at the age of 28, to say I was shocked was probably an understatement. I had my friends, my family, a seven-year careerand was not sure I wanted to give that up to start over again. I was worried I wouldn’t find somewhere that could ever measure up to the company and position that had essentially helped shaped my postcollege life. Over the last few years we have been through three moves, including one crosscountry. This meant finding new jobs each time and having the same conversations regarding the gaps in my resume and the so called “odd jobs” that I took to help support my family. It meant countless rejections from companies once they found out I was a military spouse for fear that I wasn’t going to be a permanent employee and wasn’t worth their time or investmentregardless of my experience. 

When we moved to San Diego, I was so exhausted from my job search I took the first offer that came along at a company I knew I would not be happy at. Four months later, just weeks before my husband was getting ready to leave on his first deployment, I had enough. I was starting to think about moving back to the East Coast to work for my old company again. Then, in a Military Spouse Facebook Group, I saw a post regarding an open position at TargetCW. After a couple of conversations with a recruiter, I had my first interview set up for a position that was aligned with my experience.  Speaking with TargetCW was a breath of fresh air. Instead of feeling as though I had to hide that we were a military family, I felt pride in talking about the life choice we had made. TargetCW offered me the position on the day my husband left for deployment, which felt like a huge weight being lifted off my shoulders.  Now, I am about to celebrate my two-year work anniversary!  TargetCW has continued to support my career growth and hagiven me multiple opportunities to take on more challenges. 

The military community is a big part of my life.  I want to continue to spread awareness around opportunities for veterans and spouses through TargetCW. I am proud to work for a company that accepts my military family as part of their own and continues to support and celebrate our goals and accomplishments! #GONAVY #HowItShouldBe 

Veterans, Spotlight: Celebrating Our TCW Veterans and Their Spouses

My husband and I got married two years into his first term of enlistment with the Marine Corps, and he was already stationed here in California at that time. While I was excited to begin our life together, I was nervous to leave the comforts of my midwestern home and move to the busy West Coast. I wasn’t yet established in my career and was worried I’d have trouble in the competitive job market of San Diego. I applied to countless positions at various companies in my first month here, but with a resume filled with out of state employers and references, I got very few responses. 

Finally, I found a job posting at TargetCW and was immediately drawn to the family atmosphere they promote. From my first phone call with HR to my first few weeks onsite, I was blown away by the culture. It didn’t take long before I felt that TargetCW was my family away from home. TargetCW has been supportive and flexibleboth professionally and in my personal life as a military spouse. Rather than seeing me as temporary help due to my husband’s service, TargetCW has seen potential in me, and provided me with the encouragement and training to move from an entry level positionto one where I can really honein on essential career skills. Management has been more than accommodating with my needs to travel home for family events and holidays. TargetCW has celebrated my husband’s service and career advancements alongside me. And most importantly, the family-oriented culture of TargetCW has helped me foster some amazing friendships that I truly cherish. 

Military families can experience quite a bit of stress being detached from their established support systems.  I am lucky to say this stress has been minimal for my family because we have such a strong sense of family from TargetCW. I’m excited for TargetCW to continue to grow and support other families like ours!

Veterans, Spotlight: Celebrating Our TCW Veterans and Their Spouses

I have been part of the Emotional Support Department of the U.S. Navy for over 13 years, with a specialization in logistical agility and long-distance communications. I am so grateful for the amazing opportunities and benefits my family has been afforded by my husband’s service, however, it has come with challenges; missed holidays, cancelled vacations, unexpected changes to orders, and sad goodbyes that never seem to get easier. As a military spouse, the need to move so frequently can take a toll on one’s career progression. Although I consider myself lucky, I repeatedly see other highly qualified spouses in our community having to leave their jobstheir seniority, change industries, and essentially start over with each move. Ultimately these setbacks can add an additional burden on the service member as the primary breadwinner. 

TargetCW has been an essential part of my career growth and I feel appreciated for the unique strengths I bring to the TCW Family.  I started working at TargetCW shortly after the military moved us back to San Diego. Although my background was in Higher Education, I decided on a pivot to HR in order to be more agile in my job options as a military spouse.  I started as an Employee Services Associate with limited prior HR experience, but the leadership philosophy at TargetCW as a StrengthsFinder organization allowed me to quickly mobilize my strengths and move up to Account Manager and finally to Client Relations Analyst, in a short period of time. Through all the ups and downs and deployments, the close-knit family dynamic innate to the TargetCW culture has been a huge source of support for me. Each time I drop off my husband at the ship or the airport, getting to go into the office and work with such a great group of people who care about me as a person, makes it all that much easier. Overall, this life that have chosen isn’t always easy, but every day I count my blessings and am so grateful for the love and support in my life.

Veterans, Spotlight: Celebrating Our TCW Veterans and Their Spouses

From 2003 until 2012, I served in the United States Marine Corps as an Infantryman. I was fortunate to serve in Iraq, Afghanistan, as well as multiple other countries around the world. As an Infantry Squad Leader, I planned for assigned missions and carried out the orders issued by the Platoon Commander. I was also responsible for the discipline, training, control, conduct, and welfare of my Marines.   

Veterans, Spotlight: Celebrating Our TCW Veterans and Their Spouses

After 9 years and 4 deployments I was unsure of what my next career move would be. I felt the skills I acquired from the Marine Corps wouldn’t translate to the civilian/corporate world.  Fortunately, an amazing opportunity came along and TargetCW hired me as a recruiter. At TargetCW, I learned I can be the bridge between veterans transitioning out of their service and our United States clients – it’s a great fit for me.  

Although every day I miss my time and service in the Marine Corps, TargetCW is giving me the opportunity to still serve in a different way, by allowing  me to continue to help my fellow veterans with their transition out of the service and into a whole new life.