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Cooper’s Corner | Team Happiness

What does a happy team look like from Cooper’s perspective?

I get to run around TargetCW all day! My dad brings me in the morning and I get to hang out with all my human friends all day. I get treats, play time and plenty of rest. But some things I notice about my favorite friends at TargetCW, and its probably the same for your company, are these three things:

  • People have enough time to stop and pet me! I get plenty of love at TargetCW but do your people know that you love them? Do you take a minute, smile and make them feel like they are the most important thing in the world? It might sound simple, but its probably the most important thing in a dog’s world and a human’s world too.
  • Playing ball is awesome for me! I get to use my brain, my teeth, my paws  – and my tail gets an extra work out. I think you humans do the same thing when you spend time together. You talk about work, ideas, plans and problems. Everyone once in a while you’ll go out of the office and hang out with me and you come back energized to do more work.
  • You know I can tell the mood your are in right? From a dog’s perspective, you can easily see through human’s. So should you spend time trying to fool each other? I trust my dad so much and I think he trusts me to always be there to give a hug or two (he really needs to hug a little less). You humans need to trust each other, you need be vulnerable on occasion and be able to fully depend on each other. I heard my dad say “appeal to the more noble motive”. I think that means when you are ready to be mad at someone, you ask yourself what is their best possible intention and then you assume that’s why they do what they do.

Those are things that I see in my TargetCW family and I wanted to share them with you. Have fun and value each other so you make each other feel special. Spend time together doing work stuff and non-work stuff. How can you be a team if you don’t get together outside the crate everyone once in a while? And finally trust each other in order to think the best when you have a problem.