, Alice Parenti Joins TargetCW As Our New COOAlice Parenti Joins TargetCW As Our New COO | TargetCW

Alice Parenti Joins TargetCW As Our New COO

Alice Parenti to Take Helm of TargetCW to Combine Fun Culture With Business Development

TargetCW appoints Alice Parenti to serve as chief operating officer!

In that position, she will lead her employees on a fun journey while ensuring that customers are happy with the service. Alice understands that the right corporate culture will ensure happy employees, who will connect with clients.

“We’re so excited to have Alice join the TargetCW family,” said Samer Khouli, TargetCW chief executive officer. “Not only does she bring a impressive resume of responsibilities and skills, but she also has the attitude and spirit that fits with TargetCW.”

TargetCW has achieved great success with a strong purpose and a relentless passion for their people that is evident the minute you walk through the doors.

“I already feel a part of the family and I am beyond excited to be a part of the team that will lead the company to new heights of success,” said Parenti.

TargetCW is global workforce management company. Headquartered in San Diego and having several International and US locations, TargetCW helps companies of all sizes manage and optimize the utilization of their Contingent Worker Populations. TargetCW’s proprietary software, StaffingNation allows companies to have a hybrid style VMS tools and Contingent Worker HRIS as part of their service offering.

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