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Virtual Meeting Etiquette: 7 tips and best practices 

As businesses operate remotely, virtual meetings continue to be a daily routine for many employees. While it may feel like you’re a Zoom expert by now, it’s easy to forget virtual meeting etiquette. Below are seven tips and best practices we recommend to improve your virtual presence:  

1. Dress Appropriately  

While it can be freeing to be in the comfort of your own home, you must remember that you are in a professional setting in virtual meetings. We recommend that if you know you will be in meetings throughout the day, dress in what you would normally wear to the office (at least from the waist-up). Taking the time to look professional will also help put you in the right mindset to be productive!

2. Turn on Your Camera  

As many of us are social distancing, it is important to remember to maintain healthy interactions with co-workers while in virtual meetings. A great way to do this is to let other people see your face, so you aren’t just another voice on the call.  

As it’s easy for us to get distracted from alerts, texts, and notifications, having your camera on also allows you and participants to feel more engaged in the conversation. Preparing to be in front of a camera will help you take the call more seriously as well. Although it’s more convenient to be on an audio-only call, setting-up your workspace and appearance to be on a video call can translate into being punctual, ready to answer questions and help you remain focused for the duration of the meeting. 

, Virtual Meeting Etiquette: 7 tips and best practices 

3. Mute yourself…until you shouldn’t  

As many of us live with furry babies, children, or family, it’s polite to mute yourself when you know you won’t be speaking. This can help you avoid being the culprit of the “is someone having construction done?” during a call. While it’s important to avoid causing distractions, it’s also necessary to remember to UNmute yourself. It can be unprofessional and rude to be a participant in the group whose camera is off, mic is muted, and hasn’t spoken a word. Remember to participate on the call if applicable and avoid everyone laughing as they see your mouth moving until someone finally says, “______, you’re muted.” 


4. Use a Zoom background at the minimum  

If you are trying to pitch an idea or strategy to the group, you might find it hard to be taken seriously with dirty laundry or an unmade bed in the background. Be vigilant to your environment and background when knowing you will be on a video call. And if you haven’t found the time to clean the clutter off the floor, at least use a Zoom background if it’s appropriate. 

5. Stop pounding on your keyboard  

While taking notes during a call can be important, your keyboard’s sound during a call can be very distracting. Not only for some, is it loud with the internal microphone next to your keyboard, it can also prevent you from being completely present during the call. Consider opting for a quality headset, using the video-call platform’s recording feature, or appointing one participant to be the muted note-taker. 

6. Invite people who need to be there  

While we all miss seeing our co-workers’ faces, it’s important to be mindful of who you invite to meetings. The more participants you have, the more likely you will run into connectivity issues, veering off into side-conversations, and unengaged bystanders. Instead, consider emailing the meeting notes to colleagues who should be informed but won’t necessarily have anything to contribute. Save yourself, your team, and the companies time and productivity by only inviting the required participants.
, Virtual Meeting Etiquette: 7 tips and best practices 

7. Learn how to manage participants  

Knowing all the features and resources available to you and your team can help make the most out of your meetings. Features can include utilizing waiting rooms, screen sharing, removing participants or placing everyone on mute, and password protecting your meeting. We’ve all heard of the horror stories of unexpected visitors appearing in serious company meetings. Avoid this by making the meeting private and not sharing the details with those who shouldn’t be there, especially on social media platforms.

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