Cooper's Corner: Why Do Humans Dress Up Like Dogs? | TargetCW
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Cooper’s Corner: Why Do Humans Dress Up Like Dogs?

Why do humans dress up like dogs?! It’s really strange that everyone at the office dresses up for Halloween. I don’t get it! I could hear my dad’s voice, but it was coming out of a huge, furry thing with a tail and scary mask. Why do you humans insist on confusing us dogs?  My other work friends wore hats and tails and brooms. A broom?! Are you trying to make me bark? And hats! I hate hats! So, I’m not sure how I feel about this Halloween stuff. Especially when my dad tries to put me into a costume. I know y’all get a kick out of it but I have my Boxer dignity to think of. BUT I do see why my dad asks everyone to dress up. I can see it in the smiles, in the laughter, and in the teamwork. The IT people all wore the same curly haired costumes, the lady downstairs dressed up like a life-sized bear, and almost everyone participated. It made me think: this is good for humans. They need time to laugh, do something creative, and have a chance to connect about something casual – such as a costume.

Work can be stressful and I’m glad my dad makes it a point to allow everyone a couple of hours to goof off and have fun with each other. As the most important team member, I love seeing everyone relaxed and having fun. It truly seems to help them work harder, be happier, and have less stress in their lives. These things lead to getting me more pets and more walks. So, I think dressing up (although it scares me a little) is a wonderful thing for these humans

Cooper, the TargetCW Pup