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Coach Managers

Managers are often the primary reason for people either loving or leaving their jobs. We think great managers take the lead as coaches.

What makes a great coach?

A coach understands that coaching is not just a form of good communication but also seen as moving to a deeper level of human interaction and connection.  A coach considers his or her self a peer-to-peer communicator. This person does not follow an authoritarian communication style, but a cooperative communication pattern concentrating on new ideas and opportunities.

A coach considers themselves only in control of the process and organization. This person is designed to facilitate thinking or learning new behavior for professional tasks and projects. For example, this person can remind employees to get back to the main topic of discussion if there is an off track topic.

A coaching manager should have the ability to listen actively.  For example, a coach is very present, listens in search for direct and indirect information about the coaches vision, values, attitudes, and objectives. The coach tries to get the story behind the words and demeanor.
A coach also uses open-ended question (versus a yes-no-question) to stimulate clarity and to receive new insights by having followed the client´s lead. This should present new perspectives and to possibly arrive at new solutions for project issues.

Finally, a successful coach would enable the employees not only to achieve their originally defined objective, but in addition extended employee knowledge in their fields.  Coach Managers let employees become leaders of their tasks. Employees should feel comfortable and respect their manager in an open communication relationship and become more productive.