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How to Have a Productive Meeting survey reported 47 percent of workers say meetings are the No. 1 time-waster at the office. How many meetings are you scheduled for this week? We have some great tips to keep those meetings full of productivity.


  • Keep an eye on the time. If there is a set amount of allocated time for a meeting, stick to it. Plan for a follow up meeting if more time is needed and assign tasks that are capable of being executed before the next meeting. Keeping this strategy promotes higher productivity during the set time and won’t intrude on other possible meetings your attendees may have lined up next.


  • What type of meeting is this? Is this a business meeting or a work meeting for a project, or a training meeting? Informing attendees can better prepare them to input prior to having meetings. For example, a brainstorming meeting may require research prior to meeting while a business meeting may require a quicker meeting to confirm an executive decision on a topic. Long, an hour or more, informational (training or educating) meetings can loose interested so keep conversation to the discussion and as brief as possible. For informational meetings try using activities to keep your attendees engaged.


  • Who is attending? Is everyone actually needed to attend? Keep this in mind for productivity purposes. Smaller groups tend to produce more according the survey.


  • Focus on one goal. If the meeting is in regards to a project, stay in one direction and focus one objective for that time. As tempting it may seem to work on multiple portions of a project, can some be done outside of the meeting? Plan out other objectives for further meetings or as projects for individuals or smaller teams.

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