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Welcome! This site helps you find your W-2 if you worked for TargetCW in 2019.
Your W-2 is now available in WebCenter. You can verify your account by entering the email or phone number you used while employed at TargetCW so we can look up your account information.


The W2 amount does not always match the pay stub.

The amount on the pay stub is the total gross wages. The amount in Box 1 of the W-2 is the taxable wages. The taxable wages do not include 401k and pre-tax medical deductions.

Box 12 Code DD does not match what the employee paid in pre-tax medical.

Code DD includes the amount the employer paid toward medical. The amount the employer paid toward medical is listed on the pay stub as ER S125. Adding what the employee paid and the ER S125 will give you the amount in Box 12 Code DD.

How is Box 1 on the W-2 calculated?

Box 1 + Box 12 – Employer portion of healthcare (ER S125, HSA, etc.) = Gross wages from the pay stub.

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