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What will you do
with all the time
and money you save?

TargetCW is so much more than payrolling or staffing. We are a full contingent workforce management company. We can make you more efficient by providing reports that measure everything from time to fill, spending, and categorization so you can make the most of your data. Our workforce management experts will test your policies for compliance to help you from any unwanted expenses. Simply put, we do the work that will save you money.

Service you
can indulge in

What features do you want in a payrolling or contractor management provider? From saving money to excellent worker benefits, and proactive customer service to International services, TargetCW strives to bring you everything you need to succeed. After being with TargetCW for a few weeks, you’ll realize how underwhelming your current solution may be.

Now you’re family…
without all the drama!

You won’t find any sibling rivalry here. Our company exists to provide you with a great experience and get you paid like clockwork. We also offer the best benefits an employee can ask for. Ultimately, we strive to be the best contractor management company you have ever worked for without any of the hassles.